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Poniższy serwis NIE jest redagowany, choć usunęliśmy link do jednego z portali, zawierającego treści obrażające ze względu na wyznawane wyznanie. Pracujemy dopiero nad mechanizmami weryfikacji treści obraźliwych. Zauważyliśmy że niektóre blogi są obraźliwe, pracujemy nad mechanizmem selekcji nieobraźliwych wpisów.

Poniżej najbardziej wywrotowy tekst napisany po polsku w XXI wieku. Choć pozornie osadzony mocno w prawie pozytywnym, godzący w samą jego podstawę. [...]
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Miesiąc temu napisałem: Kto wzruszył się dzikami, wzruszy się posłusznie następnym zwierzątkiem, którego cierpienie pokażą media. Metoda ustalenia, jakie to będzie zwierzątko: sprawdzić statystyki eksportu produktów odzwierzęcych z Polski. Łatwo być prorokiem w kraju sterowanym tak prostymi metodami. Nadal jem wołowinę. [...]
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Today we’re excited to announce six new themes with an entrepreneurial spin: Calm Business, Elegant Business, Friendly Business, Modern Business, Professional Business, and Sophisticated Business. Designed by Takashi Irie, each theme in this collection is based on a clean, easy-to-navigate layout that’s well-suited to a wide range of businesses — but [...]
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Over the past 15 years, WordPress has grown to become the world’s most popular publishing platform for the open web — and it’s especially true for news organizations. Through WordPress.com and our enterprise service WordPress.com VIP, we’re proud to host sites for some of the most trusted names in journalism [...]
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We’re happy to announce new improvements to your WordPress.com dashboard for a more accessible and customized experience. From your desktop, you can now customize your dashboard by choosing one of our two new color schemes, Classic Bright for a fresh modern feel and Classic Blue as the standard you’ve known [...]
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A coffee co-op owned by its farmers, a sewing community empowering people of all body shapes and sizes, and a 12-year-old journalist are among those named in WordPress.com’s first-ever “Anything Is Possible” List for 2019, celebrating 14 extraordinary people and organizations who are using the web to make the world [...]
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We’re pleased to announce that Twenty Nineteen — the new WordPress default theme designed by Allan Cole and Kjell Reigstad — is available to all WordPress.com sites. Twenty Nineteen was designed with simple but sophisticated typography and a pared-down, open aesthetic, making it a great foundation for a variety of websites. [...]
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The ability to load a previous version of a page or post is invaluable when you need to make a quick correction or compare your current revision to earlier ones. What about viewing your content’s revision history on the go? This can be a real life-saver, as we’re not always [...]
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Over the last thirteen years or so, the number of sites on WordPress.com has grown — a lot. Every one of those sites gets a unique wordpress.com address. And since there are millions of sites created each year, it means the address you’d like isn’t always available. Today, a whole new [...]
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Automattic wants to build a new web, and a new type of workplace. We want to deliver world-class 24/7 support to our users, and an innovative, exciting, and healthy work environment for our staff worldwide. As a part of this, we recruit from all timezones so that everyone [...]
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