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March for Independence may signal not a surge in support for far right but the seeping of its ideas into the mainstreamThe presence of Islamophobic, homophobic, antisemitic and white supremacist chants and banners at last weekend’s March of Independence in Warsaw raised fears about the rise of the far right [...]
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The ugly nationalist march in Poland is part of an alarming global trend. It is for all of us – not just politicians – to resist itEvery journalism school should show its students the video clip of the moment on Saturday when a chirpy Polish state television reporter asked a [...]
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I flew to the places where 80% of people voted Trump. I wanted to meet those involved in his presidential campaign in the Deep South. Is Trump’s United States really the country of their dreams? [...]
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John Green thinks we need a clear alternative to bankrupt neoliberal economic policies. Martin London notes the similarities between 1926 and 2017In his assessment of rightwing extremism in Europe, Paul Mason misses the central issue (Europe’s right is on the march – and it won’t go away without a fight, [...]
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When I ask him if he has any plans for the future, he just shrugs his shoulders: “Here? Here there … [...]
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Just how deep is Russia’s involvement in Central and Eastern European politics? [...]
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The annual Independence march (Marsz Niepodległości) took place in Warsaw on 11 November. Over 60,000 people attended, some of them masked and setting off red smoke bombs. Banners were carried with slogans supporting things such as a ‘white’ Poland and Europe and against refugees and Muslims. Some demonstrators wore the [...]
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Break the Silence International Conference for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in the Church  NOVEMBER 17-18  CENTRUM “ŁOWICKA” UL. ŁOWICKA … [...]
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“Google means gentrification. When they come, the rents will go up.” An elderly voice comes from the center of a … [...]
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Andrzej Duda said there is ‘no place in Poland’ for the scenes of xenophobia and racism that marred the 60,000-strong national holiday marchThe Polish president has condemned expressions of xenophobia and racism at a weekend march by nationalists, saying there is no place in the country for antisemitism and “sick [...]
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