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Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments cause anger in Poland ahead of summitIsraeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to build friendly relations with central European nations are being tested, on the eve of a Jerusalem summit aimed at showcasing the alliance, by disputes over Holocaust history.Netanyahu has long been criticised by domestic opponents [...]
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Editor’s note: By publishing 36 curricula in the Official Gazette last month, the Ministry of Science and Education formally carried … [...]
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Vice-president tells event that EU mechanism to facilitate trade with Iran is ‘ill-advised’The US vice-president, Mike Pence, has sharply rebuked Washington’s European allies over their efforts to shield their businesses from US sanctions on Iran, as transatlantic tensions over US foreign policy were laid bare at a conference in Warsaw.A [...]
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Zofija Kaczan died days after she was mugged by Artur Waszkiewicz last yearA man has been convicted over the death of a 100-year-old woman whose neck was broken in a street robbery in Derby.Artur Waszkiewicz knocked Zofija Kaczan to the floor on Empress Road, Normanton, while snatching her handbag as [...]
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One Question is a monthly series in which the leading thinkers are asked to give a brief answer to a … [...]
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Trade with central and eastern Europe already affected and local GDP could shrink by 5%Jarosław Granat has worked for Future Processing since it was a scrappy startup run from the first floor of its founder’s house in the southern Polish city of Gliwice. Now the software development company has more [...]
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Lack of participation at Middle East event reflects anger over US policy on Iran and SyriaKey European powers will offer only limited participation in a high-profile Trump administration summit on the Middle East starting on Wednesday, reflecting their growing anger over unilateral US policymaking on Iran and Syria.The UK foreign [...]
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European Alternatives, Krytyka Polityczna and partners are looking for motivated people to join the team of the Transeuropa Caravans that … [...]
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Seven correspondents report on how the UK’s political upheaval has affected its image on the continentThe comment slipped out after a long, geeky conversation about Brexit’s potential impact on Ireland’s trade, employment, banking and consumer confidence. “You know, we’d almost forgotten how good it felt to stick it to the [...]
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The president of the European council caused a tabloid feeding frenzy with his ‘special place in hell’ remark but what makes him tick?Donald Tusk has it in him to be a bit of a hooligan. His younger self, he admits, would “roam the streets cruising for a bruising” to break [...]
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