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As Ukraine prepares to elect a new president, millions of its citizens have moved across the borderWhen the small business run by Kristina Melnytska’s father began to struggle in 2014 he did what hundreds of thousands of other Ukrainians were doing and moved his family to Poland.Melnytska, then 19, enrolled [...]
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Researchers believe Casimir Pulaski’s skeleton indicates the 18th-century cavalry officer may have been female or intersexResearchers believe a famed Polish general who fought in the American Revolutionary war may have been female or possibly intersex. Related: Close calls: when American presidents diced with death Related: Intersex and proud: model [...]
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From 23 to 26 May 2019, European citizens are called to vote for the next European Parliament. But democracy and … [...]
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Priest says the public destruction of ‘evil’ items, including JK Rowling’s books and Buddhist figurines, was not intended to condemn specific authors or religionsA priest in northern Poland who led a public burning of books that included Harry Potter titles and other “evil” items parishioners wanted destroyed has apologised.Father [...]
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Apparently, biology can be subversive in Poland. [...]
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Anti-sorcery post by evangelical Catholic group widely mocked on FacebookCatholic priests in Poland have burned books that they say promote sorcery, including one of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, in a ceremony they photographed and posted on Facebook.Three priests in the northern city of Koszalin were pictured carrying the books [...]
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Exclusive: Survey of 14 countries show some Europeans now favour “emigration controls”Southern and eastern European countries are more concerned about emigration than immigration, according to a wide-ranging survey of attitudes in 14 EU countries.In Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Hungary and Romania, six countries where population levels are either flatlining or [...]
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A Mountain Summit The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting took place from 22 to 25 January 2019 in the Swiss … [...]
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Austerity measures have more effect on women: primarily because of cuts in the public sector where women are disproportionately employed, … [...]
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On the year of the European Parliament elections, five groups of young activists are travelling throughout fifteen European countries on … [...]
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