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Former US vice-president compares situation to 1930s as migration convulses politicsThe former US vice-president Joe Biden has accused “demagogues and charlatans” of stirring up voters’ fears just as they did in the 1930s as the issue of migration convulses politics on both sides of the Atlantic.Biden, seen as a potential [...]
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Sixty-six Poles onboard ship were among tens of thousands who came to UK after the warFew people are aware there were 66 Polish refugees on board the Windrush 70 years ago. Their presence was unacknowledged and their disembarkation was not captured among the vivid pictures of cheering Caribbean migrants.Any photos [...]
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Hungary voted the bill that introduces a new category of crime: illicit assistance for immigration. Is helping asylum-seekers illegal now? Read the interview with Szilárd István Pap. [...]
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*The following is an edited transcript of an interview conducted for European Alternatives’ forthcoming documentary, Demos: Solidarity in Europe. Over … [...]
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We don’t yet know all the details, but we know that the 2021-2027 budget negotiations will certainly be a difficult and bloody battle. [...]
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On World Refugee Day, we value the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees that are forced to flee … [...]
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Miloš Zeman, the president of the Czech Republic, has just burned a pair of giant red underpants at a press conference called for this exact purpose. Meanwhile, Zeman has an even bigger iron in the fire. [...]
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Judges say ruling party is tightening its grip through threats and hate campaignsThree high-profile Polish judges have complained of a “state-led campaign of intimidation and harassment” against them, as Poland’s ruling party tightens its grip on the judiciary.Since taking power in 2015 the Law and Justice party (PiS) has assumed [...]
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Law and Justice party leader Jarosław Kaczyński spent 37 days in hospital, officials saySpeculation is mounting about the long-term future of Poland’s ruling rightwing Law and Justice party (PiS), after senior government officials acknowledged that the party leader, Jarosław Kaczyński, who has not made a public appearance since April, was [...]
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Shop employee loses case after he refused to print banners because he did not want to ‘promote’ gay rightsPoland’s supreme court has ruled against a print shop employee who refused to print banners for an LGBT business group because he did not want to “promote” the gay rights movement.The country’s [...]
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