Poland’s economic growth remains strong. Rising family benefits and a booming jobs market are lifting household income while poverty rates and inequality are falling, says a new OECD report. [...]
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While the EU portrays itself as a leader of the Paris Agreement, its financial arm – the European Investment Bank (EIB) – approves another loan to the controversial Southern Gas Corridor project without proper climate impact assessments. A EUR 932 million loan to the Trans Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP) goes [...]
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Half a year ago I questioned a EUR 100 million investment in the project dubbed the "Cemetery tram line”. The Riga City council continues to push for the construction despite its questionable value for the general public: By all standards, it is a very expensive project; It will primarily serve [...]
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Long and cold winters in Mongolia prompted the people in the capital - Ulaanbaatar - to come on the streets and protest against high levels of air pollution coming predominantly from coal burning. Existing combined heat and power coal plants in the capital already account for over 50 % of [...]
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Representatives of all 17 communities of Upper Svaneti gathered in Mestia for a traditional Svan Council meeting, Lalkhor, to oppose the development of gold mining and hydropower projects in Svaneti that threaten local livelihoods and ecosystems. The protesters restated their demands - discontinuation of over 50 dam projects, including the [...]
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It went relatively unnoticed, but last week signalled another important moment for the Future of Europe. Last Wednesday (February 14), the European Commission published a document which sets out options for the EU budget post-2020, and includes some concerning signals about the role of cohesion policy in the European project. Not least, [...]
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For almost two months now,  Bulgarians from across the country and abroad have taken to the streets to defend the country’s natural mountainscape against new developments. At stake is the Pirin National Park, home to bears, chamois, wolves and centuries-old pine forests whose unique value has won it the status of [...]
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On Saturday hundreds marched in the centre of Tuzla to protest worsening air quality in the coal-dominated town of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s north-east, carrying banners that read “Clean air, not cancer!” and “Stop poisoning us!” . As the legal limits for pollutants PM2.5 (fine particles) and SO2 were breached during this [...]
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This note describes the taxation of energy use in Poland. It contains the country’s energy tax profiles, followed by country-specific information to complement the general discussion in Taxing Energy Use 2018 (OECD, 2018). [...]
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By revising its energy lending criteria in 2012, the European Investment Bank (EIB) has limited its support for fossil fuels projects in the energy sector and effectively eliminated the most polluting power plants from its portfolio, most notably those burning coal. The move has been welcomed but is still far behind what [...]
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