With new legislation, Bulgaria’s government is trying to limit inconvenient civil engagement in projects it deems strategic. The Bulgarian government is currently trying to rush through legislation that would restrict the rights of civil society to challenge certain infrastructure projects. The move is intended to ensure that Bulgaria receives EU funding [...]
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In a relatively small country like Latvia, the general public is used to having its say and being able to influence things in the public realm – our opinion usually means something, and access to decision makers and communication with government officials is commonplace. Latvians, though, are not like the [...]
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The Co-operative Research Programme (CRP)'s Call for Applications for conference sponsorship and research fellowships for funding in 2018 is now OPEN. The CRP supports work on sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture, forests, fisheries and food production. [...]
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Last week’s reflection paper on the Future of EU finances opened the debate on some potentially seismic changes. Reading between the lines, the Commission seems to recognise that it holds a wild card with the EU budget proposal, and that the Future of Europe debate will not actually resolve until the [...]
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The tax burden on labour income is expressed by the tax wedge, which is a measure of the net tax burden on labour income borne by the employee and the employer. [...]
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This article first appeared on The first glimpses provided by the European Commission on 1 March of a New Vision for Europe were not only defeatist but could not have felt more alienating for the citizens of Europe. The release of the white paper from Commission President Juncker was supposed to [...]
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Poland has built up a small but solid presence in international development and should now focus its limited resources on areas where it can make the most impact, allocating more funds to bilateral aid in priority countries and sectors, according to a new OECD Review. [...]
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Many see foreign direct investment as a key prerequisite for an economic breakthrough in Ukraine. Yet, as this Financial Times article reports, political and security problems in Ukraine prevent FDI from climbing back to its pre-war levels. With the onset of the conflict with Russia, FDI flows to Ukraine experienced [...]
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According to President Donald Trump, Mexico is “beating the US badly on trade” and a big part of the reason is Nafta. In truth, however, the real question is not why Mexico has benefited so much from Nafta, but rather why the economic benefits have been so small. Of course, [...]
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By Nick Kochan The 250,000 protesters on the streets of Bucharest yesterday will not welcome it, but Romania’s new government are to be congratulated for reversing what has become a national obsession with corruption. The announcement that they are planning to decriminalise some forms of official misconduct, pardon some 3,000 people [...]
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